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Sea Botanical Wraps
and Body Masks
Body wraps improve elimination of toxins in the body while remineralizing the body with the nutrients it needs. Wraps can have toning, relaxing, or stimulating effects and can provide relief from pain due to improper removal of metabolic waste products.
Spirulina Body Mask  
A pre mixed body mask that consists of a unique formula of spirulina and sea extracts combine to provide a full body mask to finish, nourish and balance the entire body.  
Sea Botanical Wraps  
Hydrating, Rejuvenating, Firming, Relaxing, Cleansing, and Sports Wrap Pre mixed Seaweed Body Wraps personalized per treatment with specific essential oils and lotion for a completely individualized body wrap.  
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  Sea Dream Series
  The following three wraps are applied to the body after exfoliation. The body is then wrapped for twenty minutes and the product is massaged into the body as a finishing cream. No rinsing required!
  Tranquility No Rinse Wrap
  This wrap is a soothing, softening and remineralizing wrap that calms the body and the mind. Relaxing Essence is applied to the body prior to the wrap.